In 1994 profesor Marta Blanco creates the Opera Joven Group, presenting on stage Haensel & Gretel for the Scala de San Telmo. It´s a cast integrated by young argentine singers who had the opportunity to study and perform fragments of plays of the universal repertoire. Under her direction they study the opera itself, work on various roles from different musical views: dramatic, historic, etc.
They worked on the making up and the scenic creation, taking them to different stages in many versions reduced to a piano, and also for many orchestras of the country. The same Haensel & Gretel play was performed with other casts during 1998, winning the “Mejor Teatro del Mundo” award given by the University of Buenos Aires -UBA- to the best children theatre of the season.

During 2000 the group set on stage another children play, Mozart + Mozart, that included the opera
for children Bastiana and Bastian of Mozart represented in the Sociedad Coral Alemana
of Villa Ballester, in the Conservatorio Nacional and performed many other seasons
during winter holidays in 2001 in La Scala de San Telmo.

During the year 2001 was performed the opera Las Bodas de Figaro of Mozart in piano y
many theatres of Buenos Aires, interpreted in full with orchestra in the Complejo Plaza
in San Martín with its stable orchestra.
Also it was performed in the Colegio Ballester under the orchestra director master Sergio Feferovich
with the Universidad CAECE choire directed by the same Sergio Feferovich. It was represented
again in the same school Haensel & Gretel in a german version in 2003.

In 2002 was set on stage El Maestro de Música of Pergolesi and El Empresario de Mozart in La Manufactura Papelera in a piano versión and then with the chamber orchestra of Lanús directed by Master Feferovich in various theatres of Buenos Aires Province.

In 2003 they worked performing many thematic concerts in
La Manufactura Papelera and the presentation of La Cambiale di matrimonio of Rossini in
La Scala de San Telmo.

In june 2004 in La Manufactura Papelera and in the Instituto San José of Morón it was set on stage the complete version of the Barbero de Sevilla.

In the auditórium of the Dante Alighieri was performed the complete versión of La Flauta Mágica, also in the San Rafael Auditorium in their “Domingos Musicales” and also in the Sociedad Coral Alemana in Villa Ballester, performed with the choire of this institution. 

In October 2005 and in two presentations in april 2006 La Flauta Mágica was set on stage with the symphonic orchestra of San Martín directed by Master Andrés Espina in the Complejo Plaza of San martin and the Instituto Ballester. With this same opera where invited to participate in the cycle of concerts of the Banco Nación. All presentations included the Vox Animae Choire participation under direction of Santiago Cano.

2007- Bastiana y Bastián of Mozart in La Scala de San Telmo (“Arte para chicos”) with the infant-youth orchestra of Villa Lugano (Dir. J. Pardaens) and in the Legislatura de la Ciudad de Bs. As. and Dirección Nacional de Música.

La Cambiale di Matrimonio de Rossini in La Scala de San Telmo, Auditorio San Rafael and La Manufactura Papelera. Critic: "La Cambiale di Matrimonio in the Scala de San Telmo “Directing the scene, a professional of the level of Marta Blanco: always attentive, always correct, always present in her rol. We can highlight the good and efficient use of space, the scenography and the dressing of OJ." Espectadores.com - July 2007 

2008 - It premiered Cosi fan tutte of Mozart at the piano version, with settings on stage and apparel in several theatres of Capital such as Maimonides University,
La Scala de San Telmo, Colegio de Abogados,
San Rafael Auditorium, and at the Quilmes University
with orchestra under dir. of the Mtro. Federico Gutierrez.
2008 - A selection of Bastiana y Bastián of Mozart with the Child and Youth orchestra of Lugano (Prog. ZAP). Two presentations of Hansel and Gretel at the piano in spanish version at La Scala de San Telmo for Art program for kids, and the classrooms orchestras infant-juvenile of Villa Lugano.

During 2009 performed Cosi fan tutte with The San Martín Sinmphony Orcherstra conducted by Mtro. Federico Gutierrez with regie and directed by Marta Blanco. Grupo Opera Joven on Puerto Madryn tour with Cosi fan tutte by Mozart. 

2009 - Premier of Barbero de Sevilla
in many different halls in Buenos Aires
and interior with Regie, scene and costume
idea by Rubén Torre.

En 2010: Cosi fan tutte de Mozart, in San Nicolás Teathre. “The barber of Seville” of Rossini in The House of the Culture of Quilmes (Orchestra group conducted by F. Gutierrez). “Don Giovanni” of Mozart in “La Manufacturera Papelera”. Production of Rubén Torre. “Elisir d'amor” of Donizetti in “La Scala de San Telmo”. Production and direction of Marta Blanco. Invitation of the “Guerrero de España Foundation” to organize and realize a Course. Final work: production of the spanish operetta (zarzuela) “La rosa del Azafrán” in the San Rafael Foundation and in the Colonial Teathre. Direction of Elías Romero and production of Pedro Martínez. 

2011: There were many new presentations of the Opera Elisir d’amor by Donizetti in Luján at the Trinidad Guevara Theater, at the Colegio Público de Abogados in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires and at the Casa de la Cultura in Quilmes and at Villa Ballester. 

The existence and importance of this Group is once more established when on August, 2011 it presented the World Premiere of a Children’s Opera entitled “El Calzón del Rey” composed by the argentine composer Fernando Albinarrate. This opera was performed with the Youth Orquestra of Villa Lugano (that participated in the social insertion program) directed and presented by the composer in a local school of Buenos Aires and at the Verdi Theater in La Boca. 

After that, there was another presentation of this opera accompanied on the piano at the Scala de San Telmo Theater within the activities of the program Arte para chicos.

Later that year they presented the highlights of the Opera Le nozze di Figaro by Mozart, accompanied on the piano and directed by Sergio Ganza (these perfomances were previous to the new production that was presented on 2012) which also as El Calzón del Rey, was staged by the acting director Rubén Torre (because of the scholarship received by the Fondo Nac. De las Artes). 

2012: Le nozze di Figaro Directed by Sergio Ganza, Staging by Nicolás Isasi (new staging).

(April - June) Lènfant et les sortilèges by M.Ravel. Vocal preparation and staging. Musical direction by Mariano Kosiner Blanco.
(July) El Calzon del Rey Children’s opera by F. Albinarrate for the National TV Channel with the Channel’s orquestra and the Lugano’s Youth Orquestra directed by the composer.

August: Opera “El Calzón del Rey” by Fernando Albinarrate on TV (Televisión Pública) with the “Radio y Televisión Pública Argentina” Orchestra and the Bicentenario (Ministerio de Educación) Orchestra. Directed by the composer and staged by Marta Blanco and Acting Direction by Emiliano Larea.

November: Premiere of Zarzuela Luisa Fernanda by Moreno Torroba. Pianist: Paula Gelpi; Musical Direction: Silvina Peruglia; Staging: Marta Blanco.

 April - June of 2014: Vocal coaching and staging of Luisa Fernanda Zarzuela by M. Torroba. They gave several performances at different locations with choir and orchestra ensemble. The music directing was by Silvina Peruglia.

Die Fledermaus, by J. Strauss, with musical conduction for soloists and chamber orchestra by Silvina Perglia, staging by Nicolás Isasi at the following theaters: Espacio Victorium, Empire Theater, Fundación San Rafael Theater and Chamber Theater at City Bell. 

 L'occasione fa il ladro by G. Rossini. General direction by Marta Blanco, conducting by Alejo Alberti, staging by José Mancera. Several performances with orchestral ensamble at the: Teatro Empire (Empire Theater), Fundación San Rafael (San Rafael foundation auditorioum), Fund. Marienheim - Osmecom (Marenhein - Osmecon Foundation Auditorium), Teatro de Cámara de City Bell (City Bell's chamber music theater).

“L'occasione fa il ladro de G. Rossini” conducting by Marko Santelices, staging by José Mancera at the “Teatro Municipal de Antofagasta”.

“The Magic Flute” by W.A.Mozart for adults and children at the “Fundación San Rafael” theater as part of the concert season for their 30th Anniversary and at the “Coral Alemana de Villa Ballester” association with the orchestral ensamble conducted by Nicolás Ravelli Barreiro and Agostina Frisardi; staging by Paula Acuña and the “Ministerio de Deportes y Educ. De la Nacion” choir conducted by Federico Neimark.

L'occasione fa il ladro by Rossini at the “Colegio de Grad. en Ciencias Económicas” Auditorium.

Rossini’s Cambiale di Matrimonio in the “Orquesta Sinfónica de Antofagasta” season, conducted by Pablo Carrasco at the “Teatro Municipal de Antofagasta, Chile”.
Il Cappello di paglia di Firenze conducted by Matías Fernández, staging by José Mancera.
En Teatro Empire, Auditorio del Colegio de Graduados en Ciencias Económicas, and La Botica del Ángel.

Amelia goes to the ball, bye G. Menotti performed at Empire Theater and Roxy Theater on a tour to Mar del Plata City.
Il cappello di paglia fi Firenze by Nino Rota at the IFT Theater, Taconeando and Municipal Theater of Quilmes city.

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