Performed chamber rehearsals with the countries´main piano players, in important Buenos Aires theaters as Salón Dorado of the Teatro Colón, San Martín Theater, Cervantes, other Cultural Centres, etc. and also in many Argentina Provinces and abroad, participating in programs of argentine and worldwide composers, performing complete chamber plays accompanied by piano and other instruments.

From 1977 performed with the Conjunto Mozart – C.Sisca -soprano-, M. Blanco -mezzosoprano-, E.Rodriguez -tenor-, E.Loureiro -baritone- directed by J. Armesto in Buenos Aires, inland and Radio Nacional.

In 1980 performed concerts in various theatres of Buenos Aires with the Estudio de Música Renacentista of the Collegium Musicum.
From 1984 through 1989 acted with the “De Romances y Cantares” group in adult and children rehearsals and shows in Buenos Aires , in many provinces and in Paraguay , interpreting sefardic music, the show of “De Arabescos y Cantares” and others.

Many T.V. channels recorded her rehearsals and shows, Canal 2 from La Plata , Canal 9 of Buenos Aires, Canal A, Televisa, VCC, Naitchik -Russia- Radio Nacional, Radio Cultura, Radio Ciudad, Radio Rivadavia, Radio Provincia, Radio del Pueblo and Radios from Europe (Köln, Frankfurt, Ámsterdam, Radio Suisse Romande from Switzeland, Radio France, BBC of London, RAI from Italy, Radio Neetherlands, Copenhague and Warsow) have recorded songs to be broadcasted by them. 

 She has performed rehearsals with piano players as: Irma Urteaga, Martha Salzman, Alicia Mazzieri, Marcela Fiorillo, Claudio Espectro, Perla Carmona, Fernando Perez, Enrique Premoli, Haydée Trinca, Susana Frangi, Susana Cardonet, Haydée Schwarz, Valentín Surif, Graciela Ulibarri, Enrique Morera, Alfredo Corral, marina Ruiz and Edgardo Roffé.

Started to colaborate with the Fundación Encuentros de Música Contemporánea in the year 1980 and since 1985 traveling with the group as a soloist in international tours and performances.

From 1979 concerted for the Asociación de Jóvenes Compositores, for the Sociedad Argentina de Autores y Compositores since 1982, and for the Asociación Argentina de Compositores since 1985 till today having performed various argentine composers plays, many especially dedicated. She also acted for composer´s associations as C.U.D.A. and CULTRUM in important theatres of Buenos Aires.
Homage to composers: Ernesto Drangosh -1982-1983-, Athos Palmas -1983-, García Lorca -1983-1998-, A. Webern for the Austrian Embassy -1983-, Haendel -1985-, Respighi -1986-, Graetzer -1988-1993-, M Koc -1986-, Ginastera -1991-2006-, Sufren ‘1992-, López Buchardo -1993-1998-, García Morillo -1996 - 2001, 2002-, Montserrat Campmany -1996-, Myrha Garbarini -1996-, M. de la Falla -1996, B. Brecht -1998-, J. J. Castro -1998-, R.Schumann -2000-, C. Hadis -2002- and I.Urteaga -2005-. In the years 2002, 2003 gave concerts with the Cuarteto Milenio in Buenos Aires and other parts of the country.

With the Cuarteto Milenio

We can highlight of her various rehearsals some that where complete cycles as: Wesendonk Lieder of Wagner, Liederkreis op.-39 of Schumann, Amor y vida de mujer of Schumann, Weber op 3, Canciones Folklóricas of Ravel, Alban Berg op2 , Canciones del Caminante of Mahler, Rückert Lieder of Mahler, Canciones Folklóricas of B. Bartok, Canciones de Juventud of A. Von Webern, Cuatro últimas canciones of R. Strauss, 7 canciones of M. de Falla, Petit cours de morale of Honneger, Poulenc, Satie, Chansons Madecasses of Ravel, Ciclo de canciones of Schreker, Lieder con viola of Brahms, Shostakovich ciclo of Blok, Les nuits d'été of Berlioz, Zigeunerlieder of Brahms, Chansons de Bilitis of Debussy, 5 Canciones de Ofelia of Brahms. Her rehearsals had been patronaged by Embassies of Germany, Austria, England, Spain Republic of Armenia.

In 2008:
- Argentinian and Spanish Music Concert, with guitar player Carlos Wernicke at the Pricipality Delegation of Asturias in Madrid, sponsored by the Argentinian Embassy in Spain.
- Spanish Music Concert, with pianist Diana Schneider at the Fernández Blanco Museum, for the Chamber Music Cycle organized by the Comission of Culture of the Commerce Chamber of Spain in Argentina.
- Spanish Camera Concert in the "La Scala fuera de la Scala" Cycle at the National Library under the auspices of the Foundation Szterenfeld with Diana Schneider (piano) and Fabio Mazzitelli (flute).
- Russian Chamber Concert at the Library-cafe with Alicia Bellville.

In 2009:
- "Cabaret Songs" with Enrique Prémoli in Casa de Cultura del Fondo Nacional De Las Artes.
- Concert with Graciela Ulibarri (piano) performing Debussy, Poulenc, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov at Colegio de Abogados.
- “De las sombras hacia la luz” songs with Enrique Prémoli (piano) at Colegio de Graduados en Ciencias Económicas. (at the Encuentros Festival).
- Concert performing German and french composers with Diana Schneider (piano) at Sala Miro, Casal de Catalunya.
- Performed concerts for the Argentine Composers Asociaton, CUDA and the Argentine Composers Forum.

In 2010:
Music of Argentina with Enrique Prémoli in the “Colegio de Graduados en Ciencias económicas” (College of graduates in Economics Sciences).
Concerts in the “Festival de Encuentros 2010”.
Concert of Argentinan music for the bicentenary with Claudio Espector for the “Centro Nacional de Música” (National Music Center).
“Alma and his friends” with Enrique Prémoli in the “Colegio de Graduados en Ciencias económicas” (College of graduates in Economics Sciences). for the Encuentros Festival.
Tour in Cuba in november 2010 with the sponsorship of the Argentina Embassy and the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Relations. “Nuestros ancestros” concert (argentina, spanish and french music) in La Habana (auditórium San Felipe Neri) and in Pinar del Rio (Opera Teather) with the pianist Diana Schneider.

In 2011:
Menselsohn-Strauss-Rachmaninov-Tchaikovsky Concert with Diana Schneider for the Fund. Szterenfeld. Performances for the Ministerio de Educación de la Nación, for the IUNA University within the activities of the Jornadas: La música y el género, and at the Yacht Club Arg., within the activity: Una tarde de película, among other presentations.

In 2012:
Palabras que vuelan with Enrique Prémoli. Songs with lyrics by F. García Lorca (Festival Encuentros).

In 2013:
February: Several Recitals with Omar Cyrulnik on the guitar and Fabio Mazzitelli on the flute at Monte Hermoso and Sierra de la Ventana.
April: Canciones de Cabaret Recital with Enrique Prémoli at La Usina de las Artes and Asoc. Orquestal de Quilmes.
May: German songs, Liederkreiss op39 by Schumann, lieder by Strauss and Seven popular songs by M. de Falla with Alfredo Corral at the IUNA University.
June: CD Launch “Creadoras Argentinas” at the La Scala de San Telmo Theater with G. Ulibarri , M.Mendez and F.Mazzitelli.
September: Recital including pieces by Hahn, Poulen, K,Weill Schönberg, Barber, Britten and Pianist Enrique Prémoli.
September: Recital at the “Aud. De Grad. En Ciencias Económicas” titled “En búsqueda de la Libertad” with pianist Enrique Prémoli.
October: Argentine and Spanish Music Recital at the Spanish Embassy. Guitar: Omar Cyrulnilk; Flute: Fabio Mazzitelli.

In 2014:
February: Several Recitals with Omar Cyrulnik on the guitar and Fabio Mazzitelli on the flute at Monte Hermoso and Sierra de la Ventana.
Recital “In memory of 1st World War” along with pianist Enrique Prémoli at “Fundación Beethoven” for the festival “Festival Encuentros Int. de música contemporánea” (dic. A. Terzian).
October - November: Recital “Cortázar Íntimo” (tribute to Cortázar) at “Univ. Católica de Chile” and “Biblioteca Comunal de Antofagasta” in Antofagasta, Chile and at “Biblioteca Café”. Participants: E. Prémoli, Diana Schneider and Ezequiel Kosiner. Participation by Tom Lupo.
The event was declared of National cultural interest.

En 2015:
French Chamber Songs Recital at the "Usina del Arte" Theater and at the "Alianza Francesa" Auditorium along with pianist Graciela Ulibarri.

"Singing at the Titanic" along with pianist Enrique Prémoli.
"From cabaret music to french cinema" along with pianist Enrique Prémoli.

Recital along guitar player Giorgio Albani as participants in the Concert season “De sol a sol” at Monte Hermoso.
Concert season “Rusia mística y apasionada” along with piano player Claudio Espector piano at the “Oliverio” Cultural Centre and the “Teatro de Camara de City Bell” for the “Lumen Artis” association. .
Música de cámara francesa (R.Hahn, E.Chausson y C.Debussy con Carlos Koffman piano en Salón de Honor del CCK y Museo Fernandez Blanco
French songs (r. Hahn, E. chausson and C. Debussy) along with pianist Carlos Koffman at the “CCK” and at the "Museo Fernández Blanco"
Performances at the "Il roseto della musica en Valdambra Italia" International Festival along with guitar player Omar Cyrulnik at San Pancrazio, valdambra, Italy.

Argentine Women concert at the “Usina del Arte” Theater for the Damus – UNA commemorating the International Women’s Day.
Recital for the Quilmes’ “Amigos de las Artes” Asociation, tribute to Renowed Women.
UNACOM recital at the Damus – UNA.
Recital of songs and duets by Fauré, Chausson, Brahms and Mendelsohn along with singer Anahi Scharovsky and pianist Alfredo Corral at the “Museo Fernández Blanco” recital hall.

Febrary. Chamber music recital (Grieg, Strauss, Ravel, Duparc and Rachmaninov ) along with pianist Santiago Torricelli at the “Usina del Arte” Theater.

Chamber music recital with pianist Santiago Torricelli at “Usina del Arte” and “Sala Borges – Biblioteca Nacional”

“Italia V Festival Internazionale Il Roseto della Musica” concert at Perelli with guitarist Omar Cyrulnik.

Italia V Festival
Soloist concert with Choir “Coradini de Arezzo” at “Piazza Ubertini – Badia Agnano”.

The Kiss, music by Alma Malher with pianist Erique Premoli at the “Biblioteca Café”.

Art songs by female composers at the recital season Emancipadas with pianist Graciela Ulibarri at the “Biblioteca Nacional”

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