Marta Blanco, argentine mezzosoprano, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Her vocal technique was built up by masters as Carmen Favre,
Myrtha Garbarini, José A. Richard and Horacio Soutric;
and had as repertoire teachers Ms Catalina Hadis and Irene Urteaga. 

1973 – First Prize Asociacion Promociones Musicales
First Prize Asociacion Harmonicus
Second Prize Asociacion Estimulo Cultural
1974 – First Prize Asociacion Estimulo Cultural
1975 - First Prize Museo Social Cultural Argentino
Special Mention LRA 1 Radio Nacional Argentina
Argentine Finalist in the International Encounter
L. Pavarotti, patronaged by the Fundacion Teatro Colon.
1983 – Institucion Wagner Prize.
She took various courses to specialize in Opera at the Instituto Superior de Arte
del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires from where she graduated
with the best qualifications from teachers as C. Malloyer,
I. Galperín, C. Juri, E.Ferracani and others.

She has performed recitals in the most important theaters in Buenos Aires  and provinces of Argentina such as Teatro Colón, Municipal Gral. San Martín, Nacional Cervantes, Presidente Alvear, and Radio Nacional, Radio Rivadavia, Radio Municipal and T.V. channel 2, 9, 11 and cables CV, programs that included pieces of the universal and argentine contemporary repertoire in performances with orchestras and concerts with pianists or “chamber music groups”.

She was a member of the permanent cast of the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires since 1981 until 1996, performing in leading roles and costaring in opera seasons.

She was a member of the stable cast of OBA -Opera Buenos Aires- under the direction of Master Mario Benzecry.

She is a soloist in the Encuentros de Música Contemporánea group directed by the Composer Alicia Terzián; group that performed in Europe, URSS, México, Ecuador, China, U.S.A., Hong Kong, Corea, Taiwan, South Africa, Armenia, Chile, Brazil, and other various countries of Europe performing argentine and southamerican music and tango plays.

She was also member of Grupo Opera de Bolsillo that, with the patronage of Encuentros made opera concerts and presentations in different places in Argentina and abroad, directed by Master Irma Urteaga.She founded the chamber music group “De Romances y Cantares”, that performed concerts and didactic concerts for children in Buenos Aires and various provinces of Argentina and abroad playing Spanish music repertoir.

She founded the opera group Opera Buenos Aires under the direction of Master Mario Benzecry, performing chamber operas and argentine operas in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Corrientes.She also belonged to Grupo Estudio of the Collegium Musicum in Buenos Aires of renaissant music. She is a founding partner of the La Scala de San Telmo theatre and was its vicepresident since 1995 until 2006 and also belonged to the artistic council.

She was an active member of C.A.M.U.  since 1997 until 2005.

Since 2006 she has been a member of the advise commission of Fundación Encuentros de Música Contemporánea.

Once a year she does performances for the Asociación Argentina de Compositores and other associations as the C.U.D.A. and the Cultrum performing the music of contemporary argentine composers –many of whom have dedicated pieces to her and she also does homages to the most importante argentine creators such as: Suffern, Ginastera, López Buchardo, etc.

During the year 1991 performed a radio audition in Radio Ciudad de Buenos Aires AM “Música en la Voz” patronaged by C.A.M.U.

She has created and is director of the group Opera Joven.
A teacher of Vocal Technics and Repertoire of the Departamento de Artes Musicales y Sonoras of the I.U.N.A -Former Conservatorio Nacional Carlos López Buchardo.  Since 2017 she is the musical director of the Opera Company at the DAMUS-UNA (National Artistic University, Music department).
Since 2010 is teacher of Vocal Technics in the Instituo Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires.

Courses that she completed during her training.

1976 - Perfection in Contemporary Music with Lucia Maranca
organized by Encuentros Int. de Música Contemporánea.
1977 - Opera Technics and Interpretation with Gina Cigna.
1980 - La Chanson Francaise with Catalina Garber and Jean Paul Barnés.
1981 - Vocal interpretation of the Operistic Repertoire of Mozart
and handel with the welsh soprano Eiddwin Harrhy.
1982 - A scholarship of the Leonor Hirsch Foundation to take
courses of Technics and Interpretation given by the swiss master Ernest Haeffliger.
1986 - Interpretation of Chamber singing with master Erik Werba.
Interpretation of Chamber Singing with master Roger Vignoles.

She was a jury in many singing encounters nationwide in Promociones Musicales and Asocación Estímulo Cultural, and invited jury for UniNorte –Universidad de Asunción del Paraguay- as an international singing jury. Jury to assign scholarships for the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.

In 2007 was called back to be a Jury for the same Institution.

2008 and 2009 - Jury to award scholarships at the National Arts Fund. 

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